Pathfinder: Land of Walking Trees

Greenbelt Exploration Log - 3
"Hi! We're bandits...No really..."

This adventure log is shorter than the others as the attack on the Stag Lords hill fort was a lengthy process. Explorers in this session were Calgun, Teska, Solomon (new), Mary-Gold and Kesten Garess

Erustus 19 – The explorers recruited Kesten to join them on their attack on the fort and Ada the explorers resident recruiter at Oleg’s was able to recruit a seemingly able inquisitor by the name of Solomon to join them. Travelled south from Oleg’s and ran afoul of 4 grigs looking to settle an old score with Silver. After learning that Silver was deceased the grigs departed allowing the others to pass.

Erustus 20 – Travelling south to the bandit fort

Erustus 21 – Arrive at the fort. The explorers attempted to infiltrate the fort as new bandits. Bringing some of their horses loaded with goods and leaving others behind they were allowed into the bandit keep only to be surrounded and attacked!

Fighting off the bandits proved easier than originally thought especially when one of the bandits a former paladin of Erastil named Akiros joined the fray and assisted the explorers! Joining his might to theirs!

After the initial encounter, Akiros quickly lead them into the heart of the fort where they encountered Dovan, Auchs and eventually the Stag Lord himself awaking from a drunken bender! Keston slew Dovan with a mighty slice of his great sword while the others battled Auchs and Teska engaged in an archer battle with the Stag Lord!

Eventually with Dovan and Auchs dead the Stag Lord continued to cause problems for the explorers with his deadly bow, until eventually he was slain!

Exhausted and using what healing they had left the explorers went through the rest of the fort looking for more resistance, but any bandits still alive had either fled or died to their mighty blades and arrows!

The explorers then went to the sub-level where Akiros warned the father and powerful spellcaster of the Stag Lord waited. Screams of Anti-Gravity acid spewing wolverine filled the darkness as the explorers engaged the deadly druid! Eventually slaying him!

Erustus 22 – Inventory and loading goods from the Stag Lords fort

Erustus 23 – Loaded all the horses and setout at a walking pace from Olegs. Akiros, Solomon and Kesten lead the pack horses while Teska, Calgun and Mary-Gold travelled to Nettles crossing with the body of the Stag Lord.

Erustus 24 – Travel, Nothing of Note

Erustus 25 – Travel, Nothing of Note

Erustus 26 – Travel, Nothing of Note

Erustus 27 – Travel, Nothing of Note

Erustus 28 – Calgun, Mary-Gold and Teska arrive at Nettles crossing and throw the body of the Stag Lord into the water! Davik Nettles arises to grab hold of the body and pull it down to the depths! Moments later his Magical Ranseur washes up on shore as if in thanks. These explorers retrive the item and continue their journey

Erustus 29 – Travel, Nothing of Note

Erustus 30 – Solomon, Akiros, and Kesten arrive at the rendevous point

Arodus 1 – Calgun, Mary-Gold and Teska arrive at rendezvous point and the explorers finish the journey to Oleg’s

Arodus 2 – Inventory is undertaken by Oleg and Svetlana with the explorers help. Arrangments are made! Word of the stag lords defeat is sent north to the Sword Lords.

Arodus 3 – Inventory continues

Arodus 4 – Inventory continues

Arodus 5 – Inventory continues

Arodus 6 – Inventory continues

Arodus 7 – Bounty arrives from Restov via messenger with a new charter granting permission to colonize the Stolen Lands. Though the messenger also urges that the previous charter to map the region is still in effect. The Sword Lords are also sponsoring the explorers with an equivalent of 50 Build Points worth of material and labour to being constructing their first colony.

Arodus 8 – Explorers Plan

Arodus 9 – Explorers Plan

Arodus 10 – Explorers Plan

Arodus 11 – Explorers Plan

Arodus 12 – First shipment arrives from the Sword Lords.

See Forums Steps 1 – 4!


Greenbelt Exploration Log - 2
There once was a Donkey named Reginald

The explorers once more set off to map the Greenbelt. This time Calgun, Mary-Gold, Silver and Sigfried were present.

Sarenith 25 – left Oleg’s travelling southwest

Sarenith 26 – Encountered a Tatzlywurm, the brave explorers were able to defeat the draconic creature and successfuly remove the head lashing it to the Donkey (Reginald) for transport

Sarenith 27 – Coming to a small ravine with the shrike river flowing below an old rickety bridge the explorers debated on whether it was save to cross. Mary-Gold tired of such debates led her stalwart Donkey Reginald across. Once on the other side the other explorers shouted that they had decided not to cross and so Mary-Gold sent Reginald back across. The bridge snapped causing Reginald to fall the 20’ into the raging river below. Mary-Gold seeing her friend in trouble attempted to climb down to aid the struggling donkey, but slipped on the sharp rocks and plunged in after him. The other explorers quickly tried to lash rope together in a rescue attempt, but eventually Reginald struggled and gained the bank! A sopping wet Mary-Gold holding on to his saddle for dear life! Unfortunatly the Tatzlywurm head along with a good deal of Mary-Gold’s possessions were lost in the struggle.

Sarenith 28 – Continued to explore, nothing of note happened

Sarenith 29 – Continued to explore, nothing of note happened

Sarenith 30 – While taking a rest during the exploration Silver decided to attempt to get a little revenge on Mary – Gold for causing the disaster with Reginald and in turn losing the Tatzylwurm head that was worth a 600gp bounty. Offering her a drink from an unopened flask of what he said was Alchohol she gave her friend Reginald (the donkey) the first drink. Little did Mary-gold know that the drink was in fact acid the Donkey hee-hawed in pain and pulled against his tether to the larger horse who pulled back and knocked Reginald off his feet where he sustained serious injuries from being trampled before the Donkey and Horse could be separated. Mary-Gold responded by throwing the remainder of the flask into Silver’s face! The fight ended abruptly with Reginald quite injured!

Erustus 1 – Continued to explore, nothing of note happened

Erustus 2 – Encountered a large hill fort built out of the ruins of a keep on the northern Tuskwater lake. The Explorers wait until night then Silver sneaks up the hillside (300’) using large boulders for cover. As he approached the palisade walls the ground errupted and Zombies appeared. Unfortunately for Silver his little halfling legs were not enough and he was torn to pieces by 4 zombies before the others could react! R.I.P Silver. Sigfried and the others killed the zombie corpse of Silver and lashed his corpse to a horse for the return trip to Oleg’s. It should be noted that during this battle with Silver Zombie and the other Zombies the Donkey Reginald was once again viciously mauled, and at this point had one eye that had difficulty seeing, a pretty nasty limp, missing the top part of his nasal bone allowing the skin to heal over, the Explorers began talks of what to do about the Donkey and how to break the news to Mary-gold.

Erustus 3 – Travelling. Arrive at Olegs they hand off Silver to be buried, Reginald stays behind to be ‘healed’ by Bokken.

Erustus 4 – Travelling nothing of note happens

Erustus 5 – Travelling nothing of note happens

Erustus 6 – Travelling nothing of note happens

Erustus 7 – Begin exploration and discover an old Temple of Erastil! They encounter the grizzly guardian and defeat it. Learning only after slaying the beast that it was infact a fallen priest of Erastil cursed to remain in Bear form. After his defeat the former priest seemed to sigh in relief before ageing and turning to dust. When next the Explorers returned to Oleg’s they informed Jhod of the discovery of the Temple, showing him on the map where it is Jhod set out to begin the temples restorations.

Erustus 8 – Exploration, nothing of note happens

Erustus 9 – Exploration, nothing of note happens

Erustus 10 – While exploring a forested region the explorers came across a large den, as they approached an extremely large boar charged out! Luckily they were able to defeat it soundly thanks to the help of a wandering dwarven barbarian. They salvaged the head as proof that the infamous Tuskgutter had been slain!

Erustus 11 – Exploration, nothing of note happens

Erustus 12 – Exploration, nothing of note happens

Erustus 13 – Exploration, nothing of note happens

Erustus 14 – The explorers come across a Fangberry patch, after much pricking of thumb and screaming at spider swarms they explorers managed to pick the needed amount of Fangberries for Bokken.

Erustus 15 – Exploration, nothing of note happens

Erustus 16 – Travelling, nothing of note happens

Erustus 17 – Arrive back at Olegs! Ensure that Silver was burried and say their goodbyes / grunts to the wandering Dwarven Barbarian.

Erustus 18 – Deliver Fangberries to Bokken, Mary-Gold back at Olegs gets to mee…reunite with the new and improved Reginald!

Greenbelt Exploration Log - 1
"See! I told you they walked!" - Calgun

This log entry takes place in the year 4708 and included DeWaton, Calgun, Ooly, Teska, Sigfried. It should also be noted that all Months in this pathfinder game have 30 days for simplicity sake.

Desnus 20 – The party sets out from Oleg’s trading post on a planned 14 day expidition south into the Greenbelt.

Desnus 21 – When exploring a copse of trees on the plains of the Greenbelt the players encounter a single Dire Wolf looking for an easy meal! Luckily the wolves tactics proved ‘spotty’ at best as the beast was focused mostly on the larger meatier targets and the explorers were able to overcome it before any serious damage to the horses were dealt.

Desnus 22 – Around 2am the night watch encountered a small glowing orb floating around the horses! Upon closer inspection they discovered that the glowing ball of light had the image of a skull floating in it and it seemed to smile as it let loose a blast of lightning that shocked one of the riding horses and sent them all into a panic tugging against their lines! The Night watch quickly woke the others up and battle was engaged! Luckily Ooly the wizard and conjurer extrordinaire was awakened and she quickly brought her wand of magic missile to bear against the malevolent creature! it was a close contests, but eventually the explorers won out, though their horse had been greatly injured in the battle, Calgun used her divine magic to heal the injured beast and dubbed it’s name from hence forth be ‘Sparky’!

Desnus 23 – Spent the day exploring otherwise uneventful

Desnus 24 – The explorers had discovered some forested hills and spent the day exploring the area. Around midday they encountered a large stinking mass of vegetation that rose up on two massive legs! The shambling mound stood as if daring the explorers to come closer and once again the wizard Ooly answered the call! The wizard charging forward with an idea in her head and burning hands on her fingers ran as fast as she could out in front of the rest! Unfortunately this large creature lashed out with vines and crushed the Gnome! The others then charged forward to her rescue and luckily after a great battler were able to defeat this carnivorous rot infested beast! No explorers were lost during this encounter.

Desnus 25 – Spent the day exploring otherwise uneventful

Desnus 26 – Spent the day exploring, that evening encountered 4 bandits attempting to steal horses. Dewaton suffered an arrow critically to the eye! Luckily Calgun was able to heal the wound fully.

Desnus 27 – Spent the day exploring otherwise uneventful

Desnus 28 – Spent the day exploring otherwise uneventful

Desnus 29 – Spent the day exploring otherwise uneventful

Desnus 30 – Spent the day exploring otherwise uneventful

Sarenith 1 – Spent the day exploring otherwise uneventful

Sarenith 2 – The explorers came to a place known as Nettle’s crossing. This area was a bridge that Mr. Nettles built in order to cross the shrike river at a fairly difficult point. All that remained though was one of the supporting ropes, a sign and a bell. The sign read “5 Copper to cross, ring the bell for service” The explorers decided to ring the bell and ol’ Nettle rose from the river telling them that they needed to “throw the Stag Lords body into the river”! Calgun decided to attempt to throw one of the stag head silver amulets, but that did not seem to appease the rotting form of Nettles. After attempting to reason with the undead abomination they explorers left determined to find this stag lord that had seemingly wronged Nettles and avenge his death so that Nettles could be at peace.

Sarenith 3 – Spent the day exploring otherwise uneventful

Sarenith 4 – In the late evening of the 4th day, a Grizzly happened upon the camp. Luckily Teska was awake and the ranger attempted to deter the Grizzly from causing problems in the camp. Sigfried was also awake, but the others slept. Unfortunately the Grizzly and Teska coulden’t find a way to see eye to eye (probably because Teska kept feeding it delicious dire wolf steaks). The next to awake was Ooly who attempted to assist Teska in befriending the bear through the use of the speak with animals dweomer, but even this proved unsuccessful. Eventually Calgun was awoken, grumpy and loudly getting out of her bed roll she charged out of the tent and started yelling at the bear making herself as big as possible! The Bear frightened by the fury that is Calgun decided that Dire Wolf steaks or not… it was better to be somewhere else!

Sarenith 5 – Arrived back at Olegs’ trading post

Sarenith 6 – Travelled from Olegs back into the Greenbelt after only a half day of rest and re-provisioning

Sarenith 7 – Spent the day exploring found this area of the forest covered in bear traps exploring was going to take some time.

Sarenith 8 – Spent the day exploring and avoiding traps

Sarenith 9 – Spent the day exploring and avoiding traps

Sarenith 10 – Spent the day exploring and avoiding traps

Sarenith 11 – Spent the day travelling and exploring otherwise uneventful

Sarenith 12 – Spent the day exploring. Shot and killed an Elk.

Sarenith 13 – Spent the day travelling

Sarenith 14 – Spent the day exploring otherwise uneventful

Sarenith 15 – Spent the day exploring otherwise uneventful

Sarenith 16 – Spent the day exploring otherwise uneventful

Sarenith 17 – Spent the day exploring otherwise uneventful

Sarenith 18 – Spent the day exploring found Troll sign and a severed arm holding an axe that was imbeded into a tree

Sarenith 19 – Spent the day attempting to follow Troll tracks, lost the trail and couldn’t recover it.

Sarenith 20 – Found the hot springs that served as the source of the Skunk river! Noticed giant frogs in the area. Ooly attempted to speak with the frogs to ask them for permission to swim. Frogs admitted they really like gnomes and Ooly ended up inside one at the bottom of the springs! Teska and Dewaton dove into the water after Ooly and after battling frogs underwater they were able to all get to shore, only a little drowned.

Sarenith 21 – Spent the day exploring otherwise uneventful

Sarenith 22 – Spent the day exploring otherwise uneventful

Sarenith 23 – Spent the day Travelling

Sarenith 24 – Arrived back at Olegs


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