It was a strange matter of circumstances that brought you all together, some of you had a run of bad luck in Ustalav while others are novice explorers from Brevoy with fire in your belly and marbles in your brain. Truth is though that you all seek adventure and with the charter from the nobles of Brevoy you can find that and more in the Greenbelt! Hells might just be that you carve out your own little kingdom one day! Wouldn’t that be grand?!

Well… thats if the Kobolds out there don’t cover you in honey and throw you in a bear pit, or if the wretched mites don’t lock you in their cages and poke ya in the arse!

Good luck!

For the duration of the Kingmaker campaign this will be our home to track characters, items, maps, and for those that can’t make every session to stay caught up in all the things.


Pathfinder: Land of Walking Trees

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